Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Diamond Engagement Ring

Girls have been imagining the day when their loved one proposes since they are little girls. When the prince finally arrives and kneels down on one knee to propose their future life together and promises his eternal love, that moment is what stays in the woman’s memories forever, so it has to be perfect. If you are a man and reading this article, make sure you read it through the end to be able to make your girlfriend say yes and pick the right ring for your future wife. The ring is your promise for commitment and it shows that you are serious about your intentions. There is a dilemma about whether to spend one or two month salaries on the engagement rings. You can talk the price options with qualified jewelers and find beautiful rings in the Birmingham Jewellery quarter diamond rings .

Rings of engagement – sizes, cuts and shapes
The weddings rings are usually picked to match the rings of engagement, so remember that detail when you are shopping for your girlfriend’s engagement ring. Most women love princess cut engagement rings, but if you are not a traditional couple, you can try something more contemporary and stylish. Diamonds can also be oval shaped, radiant-cut, marquise-cut, emerald-cut, hearth shaped and so on; and you should take your girlfriend’s figure into consideration when you buy her a diamond ring. A small sized cut will look perfectly on a petite hand, while oval shaped diamond rings are more suited for longer fingers. The diameter of the ring is very important too, and you need to know your girlfriend’s ring size if you want to surprise her. Take one of her old rings as a sample to make sure there is no room for mistakes diamond ring .

Diamond rings – clarity and carats
The price of the diamond ring is not defined according to the gem’s size, but according to its weight. One gram is equal to 5 carats and diamonds can be found from quarter of a carat to 5 carats. However, don’t let the carats mess with your decision because an imperfectly cut diamond will appear lifeless and dark regardless of its carats or color. The diamond’s value can depend on its clarity and number of imperfections, but many gemologists believe that the diamond’s beauty depends on the cut, not its other features. The difference in carats makes a minor change in the size of the ring, so it is best to sacrifice the carats for a well-shaped diamond ring diamond engagement rings .

Where to find diamond engagement rings?
Jewellery quarter Birmingham stores are waiting for you to be their next client and they can offer a wide range of beautiful wedding and engagement rings. When you are shopping without your girlfriend knowing, you should always consider her style and preferred noble metal. If she has more silver jewels in her jewelry box - that means that platinum engagement rings might fit her taste better, but if the chosen wife to be is a dark-skinned beauty, a golden engagement ring will look beautiful even though it’s not a traditional choice diamond engagement ring .